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Below, see replays of our recent webinars.


SCR Cleaning While Online: The Optimal Way to Maintain Refinery and Petrochemical Facilities.

Hangar Door: Refurb for a Fast Return

To refurbish or replace? That is the question. While the correct answer depends on the situation, in many cases refurbishment must be given a very close look. This webinar examines the many elements that must be examined to make the best decision.

Redefining Safety: Planning for a Safe Outage in Uncertain Times

Unplanned work – and unplanned outages – add an average of 30-40% to the baseline cost of planned maintenance and work. The additional expenses are avoidable and controllable – but the question is how to avoid them as NOT planning for the special considerations in our COVID environment is costing facilities millions of dollars.

SCR Cradle to Grave – Lifecycle Management & Replacement

We explore the lifecycle management of an SCR and how to receive the best ROI. We start with some of the fundamentals of SCR including catalyst lifecycle from a 30,000-foot perspective, then dive into all the detail behind the considerations for replacement from both the catalyst manufacturer’s perspective and the contractor’s perspective.


Foam Tech & Dry Ice Clean: Versatile Plant Applications drive productivity and improve bottom line

Innovative foam technology offers an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable method to clean your equipment and facility. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? When does it work best? How is the formula customized for a specific project? Why should you consider foam for your powerplant or refinery?


Impact your bottom line… while online: the Keys to AIG Tuning and Permanent Sampling Grid

Optimize performance of your system with AIG Tuning and a Permanent Sampling Grid. Learn how taking proactive measures will show improved NOx conversion, reduced ammonia consumption and more to provide fast ROI!


How and when to properly disinfect your facility: Discover the highly effective options

Today and moving into the future there will be heightened attention paid to the safety of every facility that welcomes employees, customers, and other visitors – every workplace must be cleaned and disinfected to protect everyone’s health and reduce the risk of viruses.


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