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Our philosophy is simple: provide quality, innovative services at a reasonable price.

For over 50 years, Groome Industrial Service Group has provided specialty maintenance services nationwide for several industries including natural gas-fired power generation, coal-fired power generation, refinery, shipping, manufacturing, and aviation.

As a proven industry leader focused on the future, our unique turnkey services reduce harmful emissions, improve plant performance and extend the life of valuable industrial equipment. From supporting heavy industrial HRSG equipment and installing airplane hangar doors, to painting shipyard cranes and full-scale plant clean-downs, our experienced in-house labor teams have helped establish Groome as the maintenance provider of choice.

Expert engineers and technicians offer suggestions, insights and custom specifications that help our customers set realistic budgetary and time-frame goals. Our focus on safety, attention to detail, dedicated project management and straight-forward communication is evident throughout each project from initial planning to successful completion.


ExPro (aka Explosive Professionals and ExPro Specialized Services) joined the Groome family back in September of 2021. Originally founded in 1995, ExPro provides industrial cleaning surfaces, primarily coal-fired boiler cleaning and slag removal through the utilization of explosives. In addition to their explosive cleaning services, ExPro also adds it patented automated hydroblast cleaning services to the already wide range of industrial cleaning services offered by Groome.

The combination of ExPro’s explosive technology and Groomes experience in the gas-fired power generation space has created what some feel is a game changer in the industry. ExPro provides nationwide coverage out of its 3 regional offices located in KY, TX and MO.

Blasting Solutions (previously known as Blasting Solutions, Inc. or BSI) joined the Groome family back in March of 2023. Originally founded in 2002, Blasting Solutions provides industrial cleaning services, utilizing controlled explosives primarily to deslag boilers using coal, wood, or fuel oil. The addition of Blasting Solutions has helped advance Groome’s customer service in the western portion of the United States and add to its existing customer base in the coal-fired power plant and biomass power plant markets.
Groome Door and Mechanical Systems (GDMS) focuses on the inspections, maintenance, repair, refurbishment, and if needed the replacement of hangar doors of all designs and manufacturers throughout the U.S. GDMS is best known for delivering innovative hangar solutions for commercial, corporate, and military flight department.

GDMS understands that most repairs are not planned and need attention quickly if/when an issue occurs. Because of that, GDMS focuses to deliver 24-hour response times with 24/7 support to facilities throughout the country.