Industrial Cleaning & Support Services



Across a wide range of industries, Groome Industrial provides outstanding services for additional cleaning applications as well as supplemental labor and support services.

If there is a project or task that needs to be done at your facility, think of Groome to get it done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Dry Ice Blasting

This environmentally-focused way to clean effectively removes accumulated ammonia salts, rust, and other contaminants and debris. Once the fouled area is blasted, surfaces are vacuum-cleaned to collect remaining residue.

Ideal for:

  • Boiler tubes
  • Fin fans
  • Surface prep
  • ACC
  • Turbine stators
  • Economizers
  • End windings

Foam Cleaning

This biodegradable and earth-friendly method thoroughly cleans and improves heat transfer cooling, increases throughput, and lowers operating costs.

Ideal for:

  • Fin tubes
  • Fin fans
  • Facility cleaning
  • ACC
  • Turbine stators
  • Economizers
  • End windings

Labor Support

Customers rely on Groome to provide complete turnkey support. Our teams can handle any task or detail.

We provide:

  • Plant clean-down services
  • Emergency support
  • Outage/TA (turnaround) cleanup
  • On-demand service as needed


Changeouts are an important part of plant and facility operations. Ensuring the process goes smoothly and does not disrupt operations is essential. Our teams are experts at completing changeouts in a variety of circumstances.

We provide changeout services for:

  • Air inlet filters
  • Bag houses
  • Bearings

Vacuum Truck Services

Our vacuum truck services ensure all foulant and debris are removed after a cleaning process takes place. We extract all liberated debris to complete the cleaning process.

Our philosophy is simple:
provide quality, innovative services at a reasonable cost.

With over 50 years of providing specialty maintenance and industrial services nationwide,
Groome Industrial Service Group has never been stronger, safer, or more focused on the future than we are today.

Complete Turnkey Solutions.
No Subcontractors.
Minimal Plant Support Needed.

Safety is paramount at Groome.

We follow IME/OSHA-based safety training programs, along with an OSHA 30 training standard for all employees.

An accident-free environment translates to lower insurance costs, better employee commitment, higher productivity, and an improved bottom line for our customers.