The most effective way
to clean a HRSG

KinetiClean is safer and faster
with the deepest cleaning effect

of any method currently used to clean HRSG fin tubes.

Groome’s innovative and patented technology uses a proven Kinetic Shockwave cleaning method focused on cleaning and removal of unwanted foulant. A patented air system utilized after the blast features automated high-pressure, high-volume air distribution.


  • No manual tube movement
  • Minimal-to-no scaffolding
  • Other projects can continue in tandem
  • Highly trained and fully licensed professionals manage explosive process
  • No additional moisture

1 The det cord curtain application is tailored to each unit, based on the size of the area as well as the amount and nature of the fouling. PRIMACORD detonating cord detonates along its entire length at a velocity of approximately 22,000 ft/s and safely and effectively removes hard deposits. kineticlean 3 step process: Step 1

2 The process ensures all foulant is removed – our patented oscillating air tool removes any debris left on fins.kineticlean 3 step process: Step 2

3 A vacuum truck is then utilized to remove all liberated debris from the unit to complete the cleaning process. kineticlean 3 step process: Step 3

KinetiClean is the most effective way to clean a HRSG

Benefits of KinetiClean over other methods:

  • Increased heat absorption of the tubes
  • Improved dP
  • Lower flue gas temps
  • Improved BTU efficiency
  • Turnkey debris removal


Groome follows IME/OSHA-based safety training programs, along with a OSHA 30 training standard for all employees.

Pre-job (tailgate) safety meetings are documented. Our Corporate Safety Director plus ongoing jobsite inspections ensure there are no shortcuts with safety.

We implement ongoing monitoring of all of our safety and training programs.

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