Hangar Upgrades

We repair, install, maintain and upgrade every aspect of a hangar’s interior and exterior structural systems. We can easily repair or replace sheet-metal damaged from tugs, weather, and even jet blast. We also service and install complete door, sash, and roofing systems.

In addition, we offer an extensive professional support base to assist in planning, budgeting and executing your hangar upgrade projects as follows:

  • Motorization & retro-fit drive improvements to existing hangar door systems
  • New or existing hangar lighting system evaluations and detailed studies
  • Provide cost-savings analysis & government incentive program guidance
  • Restructure damaged or corroded door structures and/or siding panels
  • Install new door and/or building insulation
  • Exhaust ventilation & circulating fan system installations
  • Hangar door lower rail & upper track repairs and/or replacement
  • Man door repair and/or replacement
  • Overhead steel door repair and/or replacement
  • Install, maintain & repair safety door alarms, bells and safety limit systems
  • Bird netting systems
  • Roofing system repair and/or replacement
  • Siding repair and/or replacement

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