Industrial Cleaning & Support Services

The operation of an industrial plant or factory often cause debris, dust, dirt and other pollutants to land inside your facilities and inside your valuable mechanical equipment. Contaminants can cause interruptions to production by reducing the performance of your equipment or even making it unsafe to operate. Routine cleanings reduce operational risk, increases equipment life and improves your bottom line.

Our experienced field technicians and high-performance cleaning equipment tackle the toughest and dirtiest spaces. We remove even the harshest deposits from boilers, condensers, barges, drains, exchangers, vessels and towers, and can clean almost any storage tank regardless of its size and substance.



  • Air-Cooled Condensers Foam and Dry Ice
  • Baghouse / Filter Change-outs
  • Conveyer Systems
  • Drain Systems & Pit Clean-outs
  • Full-Scale Plant Clean-downs
  • Labor Support
  • Line Jetting Cooling Towers / ACC Cleanings
  • Pre-VPP Plant Cleanings
  • Pit / Retention Ponds
  • Tanks / Vessels
  • Vac Trucks
  • Vecloaders


Groome offers disinfecting services in response to the COVID-19 health emergency. This includes disinfecting wipe downs, dry ice or CO2 cleaning, and water jet cleaning. 

Disinfecting Wipe Down is a proven method for killing bacteria and viruses in any environment. This process is popular and highly effective for use on everything from desktops and doorknobs to surfaces of all types, and is used at college campuses, office buildings, manufacturing environments and much more.

Groome uses disinfectant that meets EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Read a case study about a COVID-19 disinfecting project.






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