Case Study: Upstate NY Emergency Door Service

CLIENT: Upstate NY Airport

SERVICE: Emergency Hangar Door Repair



In the summer of 2022, the airport authority took over a space after a tenants lease ended. Soon after, they contacted Groome Door on an emergency call when one of their bi-fold hangar doors was not opening. After investigating, they noticed that a few cables on the hangar door had overstretched and snapped.


Groome Door’s goal was to mobilize to the airport within 24 hours to repair the hangar door back to normal function.


Groome Door arrived on-site within 24 hours of the original phone call. While on-site, the team replaced all interior and exterior lifting cables. A small repair to the upper exterior flashing was also made due to an old cable that had shifted out of its proper position.


Groome Door successfully repaired an inoperable bi-fold hangar door back to working condition. The customer was able to resume normal function in the hangar within 48 hours or the original call.



Groome understands that most repairs are not planned and need attention quickly if/when an issue happens. Because of that Groome focuses to deliver 24-hour response times with 24/7 support to facilities throughout the U.S.

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