Case Study: Industrial Cleaning & Support




With the continuing threat of the COVID-19 virus, a power generation facility looked to ensure its workplace was safe for all stakeholders. The company required multiple options for both initial decontamination work and ongoing servicing and disinfecting, plus schedule flexibility. The plant was managed by a company with five other facilities, which were also looking for a solution.


Ensuring employees had a high degree of trust that working conditions were safe was of primary concern. Management needed a vendor to provide technical know-how, EPA- approved disinfectant, a properly trained team and oversight of the plan to enable the plant to run without disruption. A single-point contractor was extremely desirable to eliminate the need for multiple contractors across the plants. Assets to be disinfected included office spaces, production areas, security desks, truck cabins and more.


The experienced Groome crew reacted quickly was available the next day, and used the disinfecting wipe down method along with products that meet the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Groome’s process ensured that the control room and all plant equipment, including delicate electronics, were undamaged. Groome crews were vigilant in wearing proper PPE and de-gowning once project work was complete.

Groome split normal shift work in half and accommodated the needs of multiple plants on the same day to accommodate for staggered work schedules and shift demands.


Groome competed the project on time and within budget. Groome’s solution allowed for employees to return to the workspace as soon as Groome completed the work. Management benefited from an uninterrupted workflow during the disinfecting process, with all company equipment undamaged even with the rigorous disinfecting process. 



“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the Groome cleaning team. They have gone above and beyond. They have cleaned messes in the bathroom due to a septic back up for which I can’t say enough praise. They picked up trash in the parking lot left by contractors on their own initiative.

This team is courteous and professional. They are busy all day long. People are quick to complain but rarely remember to offer positive feedback. The Groome team has been a pleasure to work with!”

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