Case Study: KinetiClean - Northeast Gas Turbine

CLIENT: Northeast Gas Turbine



This plant has two SGT6-5000FD3 gas turbines equipped with Vogt HRSGs, in a 2×1 combined cycle configuration. Maintenance and cleaning work to the HRSG tubes was needed for the facility to ensure the system was running in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.



With rising fuel costs and increased demand for energy, the facility looked to optimize operations and ensure equipment was running in the most productive and economical way possible.  The customer had tried other vendors previously to complete maintenance work, and had utilized dry ice blasting annually for ten years but did not achieve desired results. The customer now wanted to utilize a more sophisticated technology to obtain the best possible results.



The client was impressed by the projected benefits of Groome’s patented KinetiClean technology, which was the chosen method to clean the selected four tube bundles. To complete the work in the most expedited manner, Groome scheduled a total of six, twelve-hour shifts of cleaning.



Total time spent on the job was three days. Once the waste was removed and the facility was back up and running, the customer realized 78% backpressure recovery relative to the total HRSG dP above design due to the KinetiClean servicing. This translates into an estimated yearly fuel savings of approximately $315,000, and an estimated annual energy savings of $185,000. There was no recorded damage to the facility, and the customer can now allow several years to go before another cleaning as the KinetiClean results were so strong.


“We could not be more pleased with the results delivered by the Groome team and its KinetiClean technology – the process with the team on-site went smoothly and according to plan, and the end results speak for themselves.”

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