Case Study: Door & Mechanical Services



A leading private helicopter company, who had a positive experience with Groome for past preventative maintenance work, needed updated lighting and structural work on its aging helicopter hangars.


The barrel-shaped wood frame of the hangar roof had structural issues that were previously addressed by another contractor, but were not improving. The hangars were also poorly lit and used older technology, which caused safety concerns and increased utility costs. Groome and other firms were brought in to consult on lasting, cost-effective solutions to these issues.


Groome completed an engineering model, determined that previous structural reinforcement work was insufficient, and developed a design for a proper fix. Our team redesigned and bolstered the roof structure with new steel reinforcements and a state-of- art tensioning system. 

After a thorough engineering assessment of the existing lighting, Groome developed a lighting suspension bridge to enable even light distribution and outfitted the hangar with new technology.

Groome also replaced one hangar door and painted and refurbished another with new bearings, weather seals and safety equipment.


Groome’s comprehensive and competitive solution to the hangar’s structural problems saved our client $3 million as compared to other competitor’s quotes. Moreover, Groome’s lighting updates enabled our client to use less light fixtures, achieve better lighting and save $6,500 a month in utilities.



“Groome offered us innovative solutions that saved us millions up front. We are also seeing continued savings from our efficient new lighting system.

Groome’s turnkey solutions and direct partnership made our large-scale renovation run smoothly and efficiently.”

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