Case Study: HRSG Maintenance Services




Groome was contacted by the management of a plant with multiple Siemens V84.3A2 turbines. Groome was charged with addressing several issues with the plant’s SCR Catalyst System, including high dP and the unit tripping.


The client wanted to restore the SCR Catalyst System units to their original operating capacities with the goals of both improving operational efficiency as well as maximizing the lifespan of the equipment.


Groome reviewed the plant issues and challenges to identify the cause of the SCR Catalyst System malfunction, and recommended solutions to provide long-term, sustainable results.


The system was cleaned and repacked, which restored the pressure drop levels to values close to that of the original system design. After the Groome team completed the project, the SCR Catalyst System was back up and running with minimal disruption to the plant. The plant realized $275,000 fuel savings per year based on 8,000 hour run time at base load. If this plant runs the expected 8,000 hours at base load, they will realize a revenue increase of up to $1.8 million. 



“Thank you for a job well done!

Prior to cleaning, the load was ranging from 120MW to 165MW on Unit 1.

After the cleaning, SCR catalyst pressure drop corresponding to these loads were 2 “WC to 2.6 “WC, which is close to the original design pressure drop values. On Unit 2, the masked condition SCR pressure drop was at about 9-10 “WC at full load fluctuation range of 160-175 MW.

This is a significant reduction in pressure drop and the cleaning activities brought the unit to its normal design condition operating values. We were very impressed by the Groome team’s quality work and comprehensive HRSG maintenance services.”

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