The Groome team underwent extensive safety training through the middle of 2022, in all areas across the United States where the company has its key offices. Please note: our employees participate in our world-class safety training program on a recurring basis.

The main Groome offices include:
– Groome/ExPro Midwest in Missouri
– Groome/ExPro team in Texas
– Groome/ExPro Kentucky team
– Groome in Fairfield, NJ

Our training sessions reinforced the Groome philosophy that incident prevention is the cornerstone of a safe work environment. The health and welfare of our employees and all stakeholders who touch our work are of the utmost importance to the company. Safety is a core value at Groome and will remain uncompromised by scheduling constraints, weather, deadlines, or profit margin.

Our 2022 training talked through our ‘360°’ approach to safety, to ensure that there is a clear understanding that employees at ALL levels of the company are responsible for contributing to the overall safety culture.

There was also a great deal of team building and camaraderie during the sessions. We also include components of fun into the training; the raffles were a huge hit and many of our employees brought home fun prizes.

We also spent time going through the STARS acronym and what each letter brings to the all-important equation:

We expect each employee to stop the job when he or she perceives something to be unsafe. The newest or most inexperienced employee has the same right and responsibility to exercise Stop Work Authority (SWA) as the most senior, experienced executive of the company.

Take 5:
Each Groome employee is empowered to “take five” minutes as often as necessary to refocus attention on awareness of hazards around us and observe the work area to assess – and reassess – for hazards and confirm that effective risk control measures are fully implemented.

Once we see something at risk, we take immediate action by engaging the relevant stakeholders who can address it. Groome employees understand that a safe workplace starts with our own actions.

Through documentation, we share our observations and corrective actions to enable the company to track, trend, and share best practices and lessons learned to prevent incidents, injuries, and illnesses. This most importantly ensures everyone gets home safely.

We resume work cautiously and are always mindful of the potential for changing circumstances that would warrant our repeating this process as often as necessary.