Discover an innovative technology that uses a proven Kinetic Shockwave cleaning method that is focused on the cleaning and removal of unwanted debris from fin tubes – debris that is keeping your facility from running at optimal performance levels.

It’s a method that offers these benefits:

    • Patented process to thoroughly clean the entire bundle
    • Highly trained and fully licensed professionals manage explosive process
    • No manual tube movement
    • Minimal-to-no scaffolding
    • Enables continuation of other projects in tandem
    • No additional moisture

If you are looking for the following results:

    • Increased heat absorption of the tubes
    • Improved dP (backpressure)
    • Lower flu gas temps
    • Improved BTU efficiency
    • Turnkey debris removal

Then watch the replay of this webinar.

The speakers include:
Jeff Bause
Jeff is CEO of Groome Industrial Service Group and has been with the company for more than a decade. During his career, Bause has also served as Groome’s Chief Operating Officer and has extensive experience in the various lines of business within the company, including Catalyst Maintenance Service, HRSG, and Industrial Cleaning. He holds a BA in Economics from Rutgers University.

Steve Houghton
VP of Sales for Groome, Steve is well-versed in all the industries Groome represents: HRSG, Refinery, Industrial Cleaning, Surface Preparation & Coatings, and Door & Mechanical Services. Steve has a track record of success in his sales and marketing roles at companies providing industrial supplies and services over his 16-year career. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Rowan University.