Groome Industrial Service Group Announces New Brand and Website

Fifty-year-old industrial maintenance company gets an updated identity!

Fairfield, NJ — January 4, 2020 — Groome Industrial Service Group, an industrial maintenance, cleaning and coatings company, has developed a new brand and launched a new website in coordination with celebrating its 50th year in business. The new branding elevates Groome’s professionalism in several industrial markets and reiterates its commitment to safety, quality and innovative maintenance services.

“Business continues to grow with new projects and market-expansion opportunities on the horizon,” said Jeff Bause, President at Groome Industrial Service Group. “To reflect this forward-moving direction, we needed a brand that would take us into the future and preserve our strong reputation… while being cautious not to lose any brand equity or marketing residual from the past 50 years.”

Rebranding efforts are only the beginning of Groome’s overall blueprint for continued growth. Established in 1969, Groome has become a leader in several industrial services including heat-recovery steam generator (HRSG) maintenance, full-scale plant clean-downs and major hangar door installations. Areas of future business development include new market penetration and additional expert maintenance services for power generation plants, utilities, petrochemical plants and oil refineries in the U.S.

“Introducing a new look and feel gives us an opportunity to create an incredible new energy for our customers and employees. We have never been stronger, safer or more focused on the future than we are today,” said Bause. “It was time to start looking as great as we really are and to take a stronger message to the marketplace that communicates the tremendous value we provide to our customers.”

The Logo

After careful consideration, Groome chose a new logo that reflects a more modern look and captures its mission to deliver excellent quality, safety and service support to customers and partners.

The new primary logo embraces the company’s heritage by retaining the company name, reusing its unique shape as well as the familiar red and white colors. The font type has been modernized to Helvetica from the antiquated font used in 1960’s.

New branding will soon appear on packaging as well as the company’s advertising, website and new social media channels. The primary and secondary logos (“GI”) will be featured on exterior and interior signage at its office location in New Jersey as well as on uniforms and equipment seen in the field.

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About Groome Industrial Service Group

For over 50 years, Groome Industrial Service Group has provided specialty maintenance services nationwide for several industrial markets. As a proven industry leader focused on the future, our unique turnkey services reduce harmful emissions, improve plant performance and extend the life of valuable industrial equipment.

From supporting heavy industrial HRSG equipment and installing airplane hangar doors, to painting shipyard cranes and full-scale plant clean-downs, our experienced in-house labor teams have helped to establish Groome as the maintenance vendor of choice for several industrial arenas.

Our philosophy is simple: provide quality, innovative services at a reasonable price.

We operate five distinct maintenance service lines: HRSG Maintenance, Refinery Maintenance, Surface Preparation & Coatings, Industrial Cleaning & Support and Door & Mechanical Services.