Groome Industrial’s explosive cleaning system was developed about forty years ago. We have a proven track record of safely and successfully cleaning facilities across a range of industries.

The process is straightforward and quite simple: foulant and debris are removed through the controlled use of explosives. Our highly-trained team of professionals has developed a system that ensures the team and all plant assets remain safe and undamaged.

We continuously evolve and improve our process as our engineers tap into the latest technology behind explosive cleaning.

There are two main methods of explosive cleaning that our team utilizes. Both are safe, simple and effective ways to clean.

Part A (blasting agent) + Part B (accelerant)
This method uses a binary explosive with two-part components:
nitromethane and an oxidizer. These ingredients are not explosive until mixed.

Part A (tube with PETN – high explosive) + Part B (a Class A blasting agent)
Det cord is a flexible plastic tube filled with PETN, a high-explosive that
requires a No. 8 (or greater) blasting cap to trigger the device.
Both of these methods are used with non-electric detonators.

Prior to the commencement of any explosive cleaning operations, inspections and meetings are held with all personnel to address any hazards, concerns, or other characteristics about the general area to be cleaned. We take safety seriously and never cut corners.

Our team would love to talk more about explosive cleaning.