Putting off a hangar door replacement is a common, albeit risky, decision. The hesitation to act is usually due to daunting cost and time requirements. But there’s good news—another option exists that can provide an effective solution and save you time and money. Consider hangar door refurbishment, instead of replacement, to get the strongest return on your investment with the most economical and efficient lasting result.

In the webinar “Hangar Door: Refurb for a Fast Return,” Groome Vice President of Sale Steve Houghton is joined by Mark L. Chambers (Managing Partner, Aviation Resource Group International) and Robert Marsh (Technical Lead, Groome’s Door & Mechanical Services division) to discuss what factors to consider when deciding whether to refurbish or replace your aircraft hangar doors, including timeline and budget implications, safety concerns, historical preservation, and contractor competency.

There are several elements to examine when assessing a hangar door project. The first, and most crucial, step is finding a capable contractor with the expertise and experience to conduct a thorough evaluation of the project to determine the proper scope and direction. It takes a very specific skillset to successfully plan and execute a hangar door refurbishment project. Groome’s team has over 40 years of turnkey project management experience with all styles and manufacturers of hangar doors. We operate in customer-centric environment and are not tied to one manufacturer.

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for a hangar door refurbishment is the potential timeline and budget benefit. At Groome, a 1:3 cost savings ratio is our target for refurbishments over replacements, and we have completed many projects that realized an even greater rate of savings. Project timelines are also typically shorter, which can reduce operational downtime. By minimizing production lead times, refurbishment cuts a project timeline down significantly. Whereas a full hangar door replacement takes five to six months to complete, a Groome-led refurbishment project averages just two months.

Many of the most common hangar issues can be addressed by opting to refurbish doors and equipment, among them:

  • raising headers to accommodate larger aircraft
  • structural concerns, including bent frames and damaged or malfunctioning doors
  • bottom rail improvements
  • electronic control and motor updates
  • glass and lighting efficiency upgrades
  • historical preservation, and
  • aesthetic improvements to enhance visual appeal.

Groome’s team of solution providers offers extensive professional support to assist in planning, budgeting and executing your hangar upgrade projects. Houghton notes, “No matter what kind of project or door we’re working on, Groome does not outsource labor. We take pride in managing every project internally.” Our project managers act as communication gatekeepers to ensure that all parties involved, from owners and architects to historical societies and engineers, are on the same page and the collaboration is smooth and seamless.

By upgrading and modernizing existing hangar door structures, Groome has saved companies millions in upfront and recurring costs. Our team of experts formulate and execute effective solutions to help you make the most of what you’ve got and realize both immediate and long-term savings.

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Want to speak with someone on the Groome team? Connect with Steve Houghton, VP of Sales: shoughton@groomeindustrial.com .