Case Study: Door & Mechanical Services




This airport, serving major passenger airlines, had vacant hangar space that they wanted to lease, but the hangar door was too small to accommodate larger commercial planes. The airport was losing revenue on a large amount of square footage since the space was not able to accommodate planes in this competitive industry.


The airport had already advertised the space for large aircraft use, so they had an immediate need to make that come to fruition. Groome had reputation at the airport for quality, custom work with a fast turnaround.


Groome deployed our team of tenured experts to determine necessary changes, which included raising the header, modifying the existing truss, extending steel columns, reframing the building and residing the façade, all within the client’s desired timeframe. Groome designed the workflow to enable one of the airport’s new customers to have limited use of space while the project was ongoing.


Groome worked quickly and efficiently so that our client was able to turn an obsolete space into a profit center within months and even accommodate new business during the process. 



“Groome handled the quick turnaround time for our project expeditiously and with great professionalism.

The quality and value of their work is unmatched among their competitors. We are pleased to have a profitable use for our space and a great return on our investment.”

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